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1 on 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training is the ultimate program because you get to focus and learn quicker than any other fitness program option. You get hands on training with each exercise variation, and you get to conceptualize the purpose behind your program’s purpose and design. Each 1 on 1 personal training program comes with a customized nutrition program built specifically for you. This will include meal plans, recipes, and even 1 on 1 cooking demonstrations. This program also comes with, outside gym exercise protocols, specifically for you and your fitness goals to keep you challenged and motivated outside the gym.

# of Sessions Price $
1 Session $65 per hour
4 Sessions $248
8 Sessions $450
12 Sessions $624
16 Sessions $850
20 Sessions $1200

Referral Program

* Refer 1 person who signs up for 1 on 1 training for 1 month will get 40% off personal training package.
* Refer a boot camp client will get to choose one of the following 10% off 1 on 1 personal training, or 1 free boot camp class.

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In-Home Personal Training

In-Home Personal Training comes with everything that the regular personal training programs have except for the added bonus of me coming to your home and training you. The program is great for people that are just to busy to get away or make time for fitness, this programs provides no excuses at this point.

We will come to your home and develop an exercise and nutrition program based on your fitness goals to understand and implement at your home.

Session Price $
1 on 1 training $75 per session
1 on 2 training $50 per person


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Corporate Fitness

Built for the average person who just can’t get motivated to train at home or anywhere but work. This program allows the trainer to once again come to your work place and train you. This program provides 1 on 1 personal training, group training, and nutrition programs for all people who are at their workplace.


1 on 1 personal training $65 per hour
4 classes $65
8 classes $95

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Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

This program is built for individuals who are not yet motivated to exercise, or are for some reason unable to exercise. For people who have injuries, lack motivation to exercise, or just need some positive direction with their nutrition. This program goes into detail on nutritional science, meal planning, mental motivation for health, how to cook healthy, and most importantly increase your metabolism from nutrition to ultimately lose weight. Each program will have individual meal plans, weekly recommended weigh ins, monthly recommended body fat measurements, and nutrition YouTube videos.

4 coaching sessions $200
8 coaching sessions $375


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Group Fitness

This program is for people who want to train in a group of (4-12 people). Group fitness is a 45 minute workout for all fitness levels, which includes core training, intro weight training, and cardio (metabolic training). This program has many emphasis but the main focal point is training the core in the most effective and safest way possible.

unlimited group classes $100
2 group classes per week $75
1 group class  per week $50

core class- functional core exercise to create better core function and stability. Also, the added bonus of sculpting those abdominals!

interval training class- body weight and cardiovascular conditioning. uses tools such as med balls, bike, body weight, and rope training.

athletic conditioning  fit class- weight training, mixed with cardiovascular fitness, interval training, and core conditioning. We use weights, kettle bells, med balls, rope training, cable training, trx training.

Monday- 7am-730 (core class) interval training class 830am-9am

Tuesday- 6am-645am(athletic conditioning class)(athletic conditioning class 7am-745) (8am-830am) core class

Wednesday-7am-730 (core class) interval training class,  (830am-9am)

Thursday- same as Tuesday

Friday- (6am-645) group fit (830-9am) core class

Saturday (9-930 interval training class) (930-10am) core class (10-1045am) interval training class

More times available on request.


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